onecoin-manyGood alternative currency when paper money collapse.

There is a different currency option available. It’s the crypto currency known as OneCoin. This option is not regulated by central banks. Instead, this digital form of currency is controlled by the market.
Perhaps you are new to crypto-currency and unfamiliar with what it is. Have you heard of Bitcoin? Most likely you have. In 2009, Bitcoin became the world’s first form of crypto-currency.

The people who joined Bitcoin when it was new on the market became multi-millionaires. In the beginning, Bitcoin was worth less than 0.10 U.S. dollars. Its maximum value will eventually increase to 1200 dollars during the height of Cyprus’ economic crisis.
When banks began seizing money from people’s bank accounts, they turned to Bitcoin for protection. Today the value is around 600 dollars. Onecoin currency is superior to Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is increasingly being used by drug dealers and others who wish to conceal rogue and illegal transactions. As a result, it has been banned in Vietnam, Russia, India, Ecuador, Bolivia, Bangladesh and China. In China, Bitcoin is prohibited from financial institutions, but is still legal for individuals. It is not traceable and every user is entirely anonymous.

The Onecoin digital currency is an alternative to fiat currency, but also to Bitcoin and Gold.

Onecoin is not the same as Bitcoins. It is an improved form of encryption currency that is more advanced and relies more on trustworthy algorithms (SCRIPT). More specifically, Onecoin is the only traceable crypto-currency, meaning that it is recognized by respected banks and financial institutions. If someone manage to access your personal information, the hacker could be traced. With Bitcoins, if a hacker acquires your information, particualarly your password, then they can steal everything without being traced. The biggest benefit associated with OneCoin is that there is still time to be one of the first to sign up at the beginning of its development, which means you have the opportunity to watch its value soar like Bitcoin’s did.

Currently, the Onecoin currency is worth just a few dollars because it was recently established in the fall of 2014. It wasn’t until 2015 that it really started to take off. If you want to embark on this groundbreaking journey, then do not waste this chance. Signing up is easy. You can become part of this new alternative currency with your own Onecoin membership. Of the approximately 600 crypto-currencies available.

Onecoin is already the second largest – right behind Bitcoin.

All cryptographic currencies has an upper limit of how many coins in total can be created, on OneCoin is 2.1 billion coins and has existed since October 2014, and it’s valued in Market cap is over 5.2 billion. Onecoin has passed an incredible 2.3 million members in sep 2016 Worldwide and registered about 5,000 new members daily.

Explore this website (alternative, read the information, and view the videos. Becoming a member is simple.
You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of crypto-currency. It is very easy after you learn how it is structured and what steps you should take. Members can log onto the Onecoin Admin panel to learn more, download the informative PDF, and view the photos or videos, etc. You can even discover how the entire system is organized and how it functions.

Onecoin have also developed a debit card linked to MasterCard

You can take out Onecoins on ATM and pay in the store just like a MasterCard.


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